California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Hello Family! man so much has happened this week! and not enough time to tell you all about it! First off i arrived here in Sandy Eggo just fine! The weather is great here but man its humid...and it sucks. i am not use to this and my hair will forever be frizzy on my mission...-_- and my skin is breaking out super bad becasue it is not super dry all the time, but other than that i would have to say the Cali is treating my well. When we got here on tuesday we went to the mission home and ate some delicious food and i took a nice nap! which is so nice because being amissionary you never get enough sleep....thats the other thing that i dont like, how i am always so tired all the time. I am literally so tired all the time that people will be talking to me and i will be nodding off. But its going to be like that for the next 18 months because you cant sleep in on your anyway lets talk about the positive here! I got my new companion and her name is Sister Sarah Stirland!!!!! AND I LOVE HERRRRRRR!!!! she is seriously sooo amazing! we get along so well! God really heard all my prayers  and gave me such an amazing trainer! I will try to send you a picture of her!!:) so the Battalion, we work there everyday, including sunday...which i dont like but what can ya do right? and we have to memorize this ten page script for the tours and i did it in 3 days which i am really proud of! i was the first new sister to do that:) do i give solo tours now and it is just awesome! you all need to come to the battalion one day so that i can give you a tour, but you cant come while i am on my mission, maybe after the mission you all can come to san diego and i can give you an awesome tour and show you the things that i have been doing!:) so the Mo Bat (mormon battalion) is in Old town sand diego and IT ALWAYS SMELLS SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!! seriously it always smells like the best mexican food and i love it! i love the battalion! our appartments are right next door to the  Mo bat so we walk there everyday, but let me tell you our apartments are a bit new jersey.....and they dont have air i am literally on fire the whole time i sleep and get yeah pray for the cold weather here in SD! So once a week we work at the temple and i love it! it was so much fun this week! we gave away 5 book of mormons and i asked someone to be baptized and THEY SAID YES!!!!!! Wooo speaking of baptism not this week but next week me and sister stirland are baptizing 2 people so woooo!! and we have a couple of other people that are really close to being baptized too! Sooo exciting!:) i love being a missionary, but yesterday was a real test of my faith. We had a terrible day yesterday....everything that could go wrong, went wrong and so we wanted to go get ice cream to make our day better, but Sis Stirland was so stressed that we were not doing misisonary work that we only had 4 minutes to eat our ice cream and then we had to go street contacting.....0_0 so yeah this is an adjustment for sure. But other than that everything is going well! thank you so much for all the prays! they are really needed and sounds like everything is going well at home!:) i wish i could have gone to EB lake that sounds like it was a lot of fun! And i am so excited for Tori and Feef and their awesome VBall skills! I taught yall well;) and Kaylee i hope you like all the letter i wrote and hide for you;) Dad i love your emails and i miss running with you! Mom thank you soooo much for sending me food and a letter with my bedding! it made my day!!:) i love you all sooooooo much and i have a limited time on the computer but i did read all of your emails because they gave us ipads and i can read emails when you send them to me, but i can only reply on tuesday...:( so keep sending me emails cuz i can read them! Send me some letters too!;) ohhhhhhh and i forgot one think the bishop im my wark im in the LInda Vista 1st ward is a body builder and a lawyer and plays the organ in sacrament and we sing literally 7 songs in joke! and he plays them super fast so that we will have time for the rest of the speakers.....its the craziest thing! But yeah thats my life right now! i run to sea world every day! which that is cool!:) 


Sista Price$$$$ 

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