California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, August 9, 2015

So on Tuesday I got to sing in the MTC choir (I know shocker Olivia singing!) and we sang to Russell M Ballard! It was legit! he came and gave a devotional at the MTC and I got to sing to him and I loved it! This week we started really teaching investigator and it has been a real humbling experience to say the least. I thought that I knew how to teach people, but yeah,  I don't! Today I got assigned to be the senior companion so I guess that is pretty cool.

This morning I got to wake up at the butt crack of dawn and go to the Provo temple! It was a nice experience and the coolest thing about it was that when I was about to walk out of the dressing room I saw this lady. Not just any lady! This lady was the lady from the Mormon Message where she got in a terrible accident and got severely burned! Yeah i saw her, and I said hi!!! IT WAS SO COOL! I felt like she was famous I really wanted to take a pictures with her but we were in the temple so i couldn't do another crazy thing is that i have seen TEN (yes ten) people that i know here at the MTC! I thought that I wouldn't know anyone, but surprise i know ten of them!!! its way cool! 

Anyway life here at the MTC is crazy! its like boot camp! you sleep for 6.5 hours and are busy doing a MILLION things the reast of the day! and you think I am joking! I will send home my schedule so you can see how busy it is! But i am learning sooo much!! its so crazy to think how far i have come in these last past 10 tens! I have grown so close to my savior and really felt his power and love in my life! I see everyone kinda the way he sees people, with just so much love! i would literally do anything for the people here at the MTC especially the people in my district! they are my family and I just love them so much! Most of them are going to be leaving on Monday to missions that are not Sand Diego and it makes me sad to think that i could possibly never see them again...:( Another thing about a mission that no one told me was how HARD it was going to be! Like I knew it was going to be hard, but I didn't know that it was going to be EVERY kind of hard! Physically hard, mentally hard and spiritually hard!! at the end of the day I am seriously exhausted!!! I have given every ounce of my energy to the Lord and learning, but as hard as it is, it has never felt so good! Every morning I wake up so tired but excited to learn and be a better missionary! It is so rewarding and i just love it so much! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be on a mission and to serve the Lord and to be able to wear His name tag on my chest!!!!:) I love you all and miss you so much!! here are some pics of me and my companion (sister Celis) and my district! Distrct E!!!! (we are so cool;) 

PS - Dad your nicknaming skills are coming in handy for me! I gave some of the Elders nicknames and everyone loves them;) and i said the word fum-undaaa and no one knew what it meant and it made me think of you!!;)

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