California San Diego Mission

California San Diego Mission

Sunday, August 23, 2015

DAY 17!!!!!

Dear Fam Bam! 

How are you all doing? I hope you are all doing well because if not i put your names on the prayer roll at the temple just for funzies!;) So i feel like i have come so far since last week!! this week has seriously been so amazing! I got to train with the visitor center missionaries and our teachers are the coolest!!! literally i love them sooo much! They told us how they pick VC missionaries and do you want to know how? of course you do! so our picture pops up on a screen and if they see the light of christ in our eyes and if the spirit tells them that we have a strong testimony of the atonement than thats how they know we are going to a vistors center!! woo that makes me feel so special! also people think that by going to a vistors center that we are going to have it east?? YEAH THINK AGAIN!!!! its double the work!!!!! seriously it is soooo much hard work! but i love it! we get to talk to investigators that go on to and choose to chat with missionaries and we are the missionaries that they talk to. So that is what i do every night is talk with people online about the church and it is FUN!!! all the other missionaries should be jealous that they dont get to do this! I talked to this guy named Anthony and he logged on and stright up said that he was interested in our church and so i sent the missionaries to his house and i am soo excited for him! i got his email so i could stay in thouch with him and im praying soooo hard that he will get baptized!!!! so wooo still in the MTC and could possibly have someone baptized! talk about impressive! lol jk i need to be more humble! but yeah so i am so excited for anthony!! keep him on your prayers!! and i wasnt EVERYONE to know how truly thankful i am for all the Dear Elder letters and packages that i have recieved!!! SERIOUSLY MADE MY DAY!!!! i wanted to cry of how thankful i am for you guys taking the time to send me letters and food! Really though you dont know how much it makes my day! Here at the MTC its like the twlight zone. all the days feel like one day. You dont get enough sleep there are 10000000 things that you have to do, you cant listen to music, cant hug anyone, have to wear church clothes all the time, you are not allowed to say "you guys" no flirting, no loud laughing, no competitive sports so when you get something from your family its just makes all of these things bearable!!!!:) so thank you soooo so so much for everyone that has sent me things!! i am so grateful! 

So last week at the temple is saw the lady from the Mormon message "my new life" she is the burned one! OMG i wanted to take a picture with her!!!! its was the coolest thing! also today when i was walking back to the MTC from the temple with all the Vistor Center missionaries, there was a coupe of elders walking behind us and right as i was about to walk into my building he tapped me on the shoulder and said "hey you dropped this" and handed me this card and i was all "ohh thank you sooo much" and grabbed it and walked away and i looked at it and was confused because i had never seen this card in my life, i know i didn't drop it. I flip the card over and it has his email on the back.....-_- that elder has changed the name of the game! if you are wondering if i emailed him, i have not! not going to do that hahahaha i just thought it was funny how he gave my his email! Props to Dawson Frogley lol! you are one bold missionary!! 

So Tuesday CHANGED MY LIFEEE!!!! literally! so my all time favorite thing about the MTC is two things. Singing in the MTC choir...(who would have thought) and the glow in the dark stars on the top on the ceiling! i LOVE LOVE LVOEEEEEE the MTC choir! for one reason! because the choir director is sooo funny! i love him soo much! he makes us sing like angels and tells us jokes that help with all the boringness of the MTC. I sang in the choir on Tuesday at the devotional for one of the members of the 70 that came and spoke to us. Then after the devotional we had choir practice for sunday! we sang these two awesome songs and then at the end he pulled up this song called "The hardest thing iv ever loved to do" LOOK IT UP!!!! i was crying the whole time i sang it! it is seriously the most amazing and beautiful song i have ever sang!! Also on tuesday we had companion inventory and that was good because now me and my companion are MUCH MUCH better friends. So wooo for that! and i also learned how to intoduce the Book of Mormon to people and it blows my mind! My teachers taught us some awesome stuff that i am soo excited to share with the people of San Diego!!!!:D 

I am learning sooo much every single day! It is hard hard hard work! the hardest thing i have ever done! but i love it! i wouldnt want to be doing anything else!!ohhh the bad thing about this week. i got sick again....-_-..tha's the only way that Satan can get me down is by getting me sick! this time i have a really bad cold....and i HATE IT!!! I HATE BEING SICK!!!!!! why! why do i have to be sick at the MTC! i dont have time for this! and there is nothing i can do to help it! i dont have anyway to get medicine or drink tea or hot chocolate or drink hot soup, i cant sleep it yeah thats the part that really sucks.  

Sista Price$$

Olivia's MTC District

This is Heidi, i don't know how to spell her last name because it is french. she is from Canada and is going to Atlanta!! she is so funny! Kaylee you would love her! she teaches me sign language and she has the coolest accent!!!! I just love her!!

                                                                  These are all the girls in my zone!!

These are the brownies that dad sent me!!!! totally made my day!!!!!:D

I have to walk up a billion fights of stairs to get to my classroom and this is a little of how I feel when i get to the 5th floor lol

We went to temple square on Wednesday wooo out of prison!!!

Missionary Tag in front of Provo Temple

                                               I like this pic! took it today after i got out of the temple!!

This is sister Exposito and she is from Spain and she looks EXACTLY like Taylor Nunez!!!!! its sooo crazy!!!! she is going to temple square

Grandma sent me food!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!:D:D:D i love you!!!

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